Grantham Physiotherapy Practice

Have a Healthy New Year

Take on a few small changes and be healthier all the year.


  • Get outside and walk everyday. Just ten minutes a day is a good start.
  • Eat less sugar. Read the label before you buy and choose the version with the lower sugar content.
  • Stretch everyday. Doesn't have to be anything formal - stand tall and slowly reach both arms above your head for a start.
  • Drink more water. Take a refillable water bottle with you to work each day. Its cheap, green and very healthy.
  • Cut down on the alcohol. See how much money you save if you don't buy any alcohol with your weekly shop in January.
  • Don't let little niggles turn into big ones. If you have had a bad back, joint aches and pains or a recurring sports injury for more than a few weeks, see a Physiotherapist. You do not need to see a GP first, to visit an independent physiotherapist. (See here for this months special offer and we give free 15 minute injury checks for any problem)