Grantham Physiotherapy Practice


Pilates is a method of exercise that helps you to improve your posture, increase your body awareness and rebalance your body to its natural alignment. It has proved to be very useful for people who have had problems with their spine or back, as a method of maintaining a healthy back. It also provides good general exercise, to improve suppleness, control and coordination.

Our Pilates teachers, Cheryl SheardKerry Hunter and Daisy Baugh, teach five week courses of Pilates throughout the year. Each lesson lasts for one hour and each class has a maximum of six participants. We hold classes on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning and a Tuesday and Thursday evening.

We suggest you start with our Start Pilates introductory course, which involves a one to one lesson and two classes.

For latest pilates news and times of classes please follow this link to our facebook pilates page

Please Contact us to receive more information and to book for our next courses.