Grantham Physiotherapy Practice

Long Term Pain

Long Term Pain (also know as chronic pain) is one of Physiotherapist Beverley Myers' areas of special interest. Beverley provides a taylored programme of long term pain management which has helped many people get on with their lives. The programme involves history taking and examination to understand the problem, education about why our nervous system gives us pain and how it does it, a paced exercise programme and a personalised pain plan. One of the reasons she has such success is because, whilst folowing evidenced based principals of long term pain management, she treats each person as an individual.

This is how one of her patients decribes the approach.

'For me, flare-ups have become on ongoing part of my life since the early 1970s.  Potentially they are never going to go away completely, but, by learning to take control and manage the pain, I feel I have turned a negative situation into a huge positive.

Initially I had tended to accept each episode and cope with the pain and immobility the best way I could.  Gradually, with Beverley’s explanations and guidance, I began to understand what was actually happening to my body, how the nervous system was reacting to my pain; how my brain was reacting to the various messages it was receiving.  We practiced a series of exercises that I could undertake at home to help cope with flare-ups.  Most importantly, we reviewed progress, considered alternatives.  The negativity I had been experiencing early on was beginning to disappear.

Understanding the mixed messages travelling between the brain and the nerves when attempting to say turn onto your side in bed, lift or move an arm or leg as the discomfort or pain kicks in has played an enormous part in helping me manage the situation.  With Beverley’s help and guidance, at the onset of a further flare-up, I now have something very positive to focus on; something to boost my confidence, to aid my recovery and mobility. I have taken control of my pain!'

Mrs M