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Ten top tips to follow after Knee Replacement Surgery.

Total knee replacement surgery is the big first step on the road to return to a fully functioning knee. The rehab that then follows is essential for you to complete your journey.

  1. Take your rehab seriously. If you have been given a booklet, read it, and practice exercises you have been given before the operation, as well as afterwards. Make sure you plan time into each day after the operation for your exercises.
  2. Move your leg. The knee will feel stiff at first. This is normal. An easy way to get started is to lie on the bed, with a plastic bag wrapped around your foot, and then slide your heel up and down the bed.
  3. Monitor the swelling. Using an ice pack and keeping the leg elevated, help to keep the swelling down.
  4. Make sure you have the pain relief you need, especially in the early days.
  5. If you have been given compression stockings, wear them! They help to prevent blood clots and control swelling.
  6. As soon as you are able, go for a walk every day. It does not have to be for long. The first time see if you can manage 10 minutes.
  7. Go to your physiotherapy sessions. You will quickly be able to move onto more challenging exercises and the physio will progress your exercises and answer your questions.
  8. Don’t over do it. If you are planning to return to a pre operation activity, rehearse what you plan to do in your mind and then ask yourself ‘how will my new knee feel after I have done this?’ Consider how you would feel if you did the activity for a shorter time. 
  9. Watch your weight and eat healthily.
  10. Stay positive. You have had the largest joint in your body replaced. Give yourself the time for your body to heal and get used to this new addition.

If you have had (or are about to have) Knee Replacement Surgery and need help, support or expert advice ring us on 01476 593778 and see how physiotherapy can help you.