Grantham Physiotherapy Practice

How Do I Start Pilates?

Grantham Physiotherapy Practice has been providing professional small group Pilates since 2006. When you start Pilates we ask you to book the 'Starting Pilates' package of three lessons with Cheryl Sheard,  Kerry Hunter or Daisy Baugh, our experienced Pilates teachers. The first lesson is an intensive one to one hour-long session with your teacher and this is followed up by two, weekly spaced, hour-long sessions in a group of a maximum of five people. The three session Starting Pilates course allows your instructor to pay attention to the detail needed to start you on the road to success. The cost of the starting package is £64. You can start at any time convenient to you.

At the end of the 3 lessons you will be ready to join a regular small class. Courses continue throughout the year. Each course consists of five weekly sessions lasting one hour and costs £60. As you get better and fitter you will find the exercises become more challenging. We will ask you to pay for each course at the start of the five-week period.

Pliates Class Times
Monday Tuesday Thursday
 9.10 am  9.10 am  
10.10 am 10.10 am 10.10am
11.10 am 11.10 am 11.10am
12.10 pm  6.10pm  6.10pm
   7.10pm  7.10pm


Please Contact us to receive more information and to book a 'Starting Pilates' course.

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