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Ten Top Tips to Help Prevent Falls

Ageing affects balance and the strength of muscles and bones. It’s the same for everyone. Protect your independence with these steps.

  1. Scan your house for trip hazards: frayed carpets, wires across the floor, rugs without non-slip underlay.
  2. Light it up. 60-year-old eyes need three times more light than when you were 20. Keep the landing light on if you get up in the night regularly.
  3. Clear away clutter, especially in the hallway and landing.
  4. Use a non slip mat in the bath or shower and consider adding grab rails
  5. Stay active. The more regularly you move the more your balance improves.
  6. Get your eyes tested regularly (free for over 60s). Eyesight change often happens gradually, so you may not have noticed.
  7. Bin the old slippers, you know, the ones you have had for years with the sole hanging off. Replace the with a new, well fitting, pair.
  8. As we get older, drinking the same amount of alcohol results in a higher blood alcohol level. Unfortunately this means that alcohol can make you unsteady faster than a younger person.
  9. Rearrange you kitchen so that you can easily reach the things you use the most and are not having to regularly take things down from a high shelf or reach into the back of a low cupboard.
  10. Try this easy exercise. Stand with your back to a corner of your kitchen, so you have work surfaces each side (for extra confidence also put a kitchen chair in front of you). Rise into you toes and hold that position for a few seconds and then lower your heels. Too easy? Repeat again but this time with your feet close together or with both arms out in front of you.


If you need help improving your balance, mobility or coordination, consider seeing a physiotherapist.


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