Grantham Physiotherapy Practice

Ergonomic and Work Place Assessments

A good place to start when finding out about workplace assessments is the HSE website. We recommend you download and complete this free workplace checklist.

Grantham Physiotherapy Practice offers a work place assessment and ergonomic assessment service.
Please phone or contact us via this website for details of costs or to arrange a site visit. 

My employee needs physiotherapy

Many employers find that early physiotherapy intervention gets an employee back to work more quickly than expected, and also the employees feel that they work for a company which really values them. If an employer plans to fund the treatment, we can provide an estimate of how many sessions the employee may need to reach their treatment goal (with the employee's permission) and at what cost. Often employers offer to reimburse half the costs of the employee's receipted treatment fees, or agree to fund a set number of sessions so that costs can be monitored.

Please note that we are able to bill the employer directly for treament, if preferred.

Appointments are offered from 8.00am and we are open on Saturday mornings and some evenings, so if your employee has already returned to work, they can attend for physiotherapy without needing to take half-a-day away from work.

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