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Dizziness and Balance  

Sometimes it comes as a surprise that physiotherapists treat dizziness and balance. As with all the problems we help, the process always begins with a careful history taking and then the patient is asked to try some simple tests to guide us to the cause of the problem. Depending on the cause, several different treatments are used. If the problem is because of IPPV (ear rocks) the Epely Manoever may be used. For general dizziness graded specialised exercises are introduced.

Physiotherapy has been shown to improve balance and reduce the occurance of falls.

Testimonial ; I recently attended Grantham Physio Practice as I needed Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy.  This involved learning exercises to improve my balance.  As a result of a virus I had been left with balance problems. My treatment at Grantham was excellent.  Beverley understood my condition completely and gave me excellent advice which, having now followed for several weeks, has improved my condition almost to the point of no problems at all. I found it easy to get an appointment for a time that was suitable to me and I only required two sessions to rectify a condition that I had been suffering from for months. I can thoroughly recommend Grantham Physio Practice. Mr RM August 2016

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