Grantham Physiotherapy Practice

Beverley Myers - Physiotherapist

Beverley Myers is the principal physiotherapist and Director of Grantham Physiotherapy Practice.

After a three year training at Kings College Hospital, London, Beverley moved to Nottingham, rising to senior physiotherapist at Queens Medical Centre. Beverley spent a year working in a Swiss Hydrotherapy Spa before returning to England and a senior physiotherapy post at Grantham Hospital. Work at private clinics and hospitals in Nottingham followed until 1991 when she started the practice.

Beverley's main area of expertise is in her assessment and treatment of muscular-skeletal problems. She is very experienced in treating back pain and sports injuries and known for her ability with manual techniques. A frustration with the way people with long term pain problems were dealt with, led Beverley to start looking at, and learning about, chronic pain treatment and management. She is now in a position where she has the skills to help people in pain, however long they have experienced it. She is a member of the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine and is experienced in medico legal report writing and ergonomic assessment.

Outside of work Beverley has interests in choral music and art. Art has turned out to be a bit of a busmans holiday as she tends to paint and draw the body. She has shown at several Lincolnshire exhibitions. Beverley recently completed a facebook quiz to see what her ideal job was - she was not surprised when it turned out to be 'therapist'.

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