Grantham Physiotherapy Practice

We are a team of fully qualified experienced Physiotherapists who have been providing specialist physiotherapy for back pain, neck pain, joint problems and sports injuries since 1991. We use a wide range of treatment modalities including manual techniques, specialist exercises, electrotherapy and acupuncture. Treatment is tailored to your specific needs and problems. Our physiotherapy rooms are ground floor and we also offer a home visiting service. If you want to find out more about how we can help, ring us on 01476 593778, email via our 'contact us form' or click on the arrow above to arrange a free 15 minute injury check.

All our Physiotherapists are Chartered and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. We are recognised by all the main private medical insurance companies including BUPA and AxaPPP.

We work alongside our friendly and professional clinic staff to offer a range of other services that help you to maintain your own health, such as Sports Massage and Swedish Massage.

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June Offer for Wrist Problems


This months offer is for anyone with a problem that affects the Wrist. From 4 June until the end of the month, we are offering a half-price first physiotherapy appointments for patients with a problem with a wrist, booked on a Tuesday Wednesday or Friday, daytime or evening. The cost of the session is £20.00, which is 50% off the price of a first appointment. Sign up below now to receive the offer code which is valid from the 4 June to the end of the month. Quote the code when you book the appointment. Payment must be made by card or cash at the time of the appointment.

If follow up sessions are needed, they are charged at normal price of £38.00.

So if you are wondering if anything can help your wrist problem however old or new it is, now is your opportunity to get some help. Keep an eye on our website for more monthly offers.


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Back Pain

A physiotherapist's expert musculoskeletal examination looks at more than just joints and bones. Muscles, nerves, posture and lifestyle are all evaluated to enable the physiotherapist to explain to you, your individual problem and plan the right course of action to get you improving fast. Thankfully many new episodes of back pain get better in a few days. Often by just keeping moving and taking some over-the-counter anti-inflammatories the problem settles. If the problem does not resolve rapidly with these measures, a physiotherapist can help get you on the road to recovery. We use hands on manual therapy, specific exercises, electrotherapy and lots of practical advice. Not only can physiotherapy help with acute back pain relief, a physiotherapist can help you to get moving again and set you on your way to successful long term management and prevention. 

Sports Injury 

Whether you are a golfer or tennis player, a footballer or a waterpolo player, you sometimes face injury. If the injury does not respond quickly to a short period of rest, it is a good idea to seek professional intervention. Early physiotherapy  assessment and treatment often means a quicker return to your sport. If you are not sure if your problem needs physiotherapy we offer a free 15 minute injury check. Follow the link at the top of the page or phone us on 01476 593778 and ask for a free injury check.